Stephen Birge

Hi, I’m Stephen Birge.

Growing up in southern California, I split my childhood time between watching movies and reenacting them in my back yard with friends. Nothing topped the thrill of pretending I was the hero (or villain) that had to save or destroy the world. When the opportunities came to do the same in front of an audience, that same thrill was amplified tenfold. I knew my calling and jumped on it.

Musical theater was the starting point that solidified my passion for the arts. Balancing that and athletics was an odd paring, but I found time for both. I approached my acting career early on with the mindset that the more I could learn, in any field of study, the better the characters I portrayed would benefit. Real knowledge of the working world accompanied by formal training and study of acting would, in my mind, pave the way for the strongest and most relatable characters. I’ve only begun to see whether or not my hypothesis proves true. Norman - (by Joel Guelzo) was my debut in film. Prior to that were a string of musicals and plays ranging from playful titles such as Beauty and Beast (Gaston) to those more somber in nature like Romeo and Juliet (Capulet). As this path unfolds, I look back and am thankful for the people and characters I have met and eagerly anticipate those who are yet to be introduced.